3 Day Flush Instructions

Welcome to the 3-day Flush!! 

 Adults – Take 3 Capsules every AM and PM for 2 days then take 2 capsules AM and PM ON THE LAST day the THIRD DAY.

For example, before breakfast and before dinner. For dinner, please try to allow 4 hours after taking the second dose of the day to go to sleep. (To continue drinking plenty of water)

It is Important to drink spring water and eat fruits high in water content to reduce the risk of stomach cramps (If any). 

During this cleanse, detox and flush its best to stay away from dairy, red meat, and overly processed sugar and foods to have the best results!

Detoxing is getting rid of the toxins in the body. This could look like: constant phlegm and mucus coming up out the chest. Parasites in stool, temporary acne, temporary headaches. Frequent urination. Larger bowl movements due to unclogging the intestines. Temporary exhaustion (before the burst of natural energy).  

Instructions for kids Ages 6 &up

Use medicine for over the course of 5 days for children.

Please be mindful of the need and importance of your children drinking water and having more fruits. 

  •  Day one – 1 Capsule
  • Day two – 2 Capsules
  • Day three – 1 Capsule 
  • Day four – 2 Capsules
  • Day five – 1 Capsule 

Save the remaining capsules for them to take 1 capsule every other day until finished or when needed for feeling constipated and or they are showing a lot of signs of fatigue.